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About our company
With all the different immigration policies, laws and visa opportunities, knowing what to apply for and how to apply can be confusing. Fortunately, our Canadian Immigration Consultants (CICs) are here to guide you through your immigration process.

Our consultants are specially trained, qualified and intimately familiar with Canadian immigration policies.

Having an RCIC assist you in applying for your Canadian visa can greatly simplify your application process. Think of the RCIC as your personal assistant throughout your Canadian endeavors
*Applications for Canadian visa will be processed after payment of government fee.
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We offer our clients the ability to fill out a quick and easy online assessment which is sent directly to one of our consultants who will respond with answers as soon as possible.

Years of experience
We treat all of our clients with personal care and respect and that is one of the reasons why we have achieved a solid reputation and thousands of satisfied customers.

We stay on top of things
We continue to ensure that we are up to date with any changes in the immigration process. We take great personal pride in providing our clients with the highest chance to be granted status in Canada.

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